Standards for judging the number of working days

Hello, I am a female writer in my 30s. Today, I would like to talk about an important topic for office workers: ‘How to judge the number of working days.’

1. Understanding legal standards

First, let’s look at how the number of working days is calculated according to Korea’s Labor Standards Act. By looking at the legally mandated working hours and rules for working on holidays, we can understand how our working days are calculated.

2. Differences in number of working days by industry

Let’s take a look at how the working day differs in various industries. For example, we would like to compare how work days are calculated and work patterns are different in the IT industry and the service industry.


3. Flexible working hours and working days

Let’s take a look at how the flexible work system, which many companies have recently introduced, affects the number of working days. We will explore what these changes mean to office workers who are trying to find work-life balance through flexible work systems.

4. Personal workday management

Lastly, I would like to share my thoughts on how to manage and use the working day efficiently from a personal perspective. We will share tips for self-care and improved productivity.

We hope that this article will broaden your understanding of the working day and help you live a healthier and more efficient work life. We’ll see you again next time with useful information. thank you

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