Ways to watch webtoons in Korea

Webtoons are very popular in Korea these days.

That’s why many people watch webtoons. In this article, I will summarize how to read webtoons.

You can view webtoons through various websites or applications.

Below, we will explain in detail how to view general webtoons.

Check your internet connection: First, make sure your internet connection is active. To read webtoons online, you need a stable internet connection. 툰코

Select device: Select a device to read the webtoon. In most cases, you can read webtoons on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Choose a webtoon platform: Choose one of the many platforms that offer webtoons. Representative webtoon platforms include:

  • Naver Webtoon
  • Daum Webtoon
  • Lezhin Comics
  • Kakao Page
  • Twomix
  • Webtoon diary, etc.

Create or log in to an account: Create an account on the webtoon platform of your choice, or log in if you are already signed up.

Search or Browse: Use the platform’s search function or browse to find the webtoon you want. Depending on the platform, you can find webtoons by webtoon category, genre, author, etc.

Select webtoon: Select and click on the found webtoon to go to the webtoon’s information page. Here you can check the webtoon’s title, author, plot, episode list, etc.

Select an episode: Check the list of episodes of the webtoon and select the episode you want to read.

Reading webtoon: When you open the selected episode, a screen where you can read the webtoon will appear. On most platforms, you can read webtoons by scrolling the screen or using the arrow buttons to turn pages.

Go to the next episode: To go to the next episode of the webtoon, scroll to the end of that episode or click the Next button.

Enjoy: Read the selected webtoon and enjoy the story. Depending on the webtoon platform, you may be able to use features such as leaving a comment, clicking a like button, or subscribing.

You can easily read webtoons like this. However, since usage may differ for each platform, it is recommended that you refer to the user guide for that platform or follow the instructions provided when installing the webtoon app from the App Store.

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