Advantages and disadvantages of fortune-telling using tarot cards

hello! This time I would like to talk about tarot cards.

Tarot cards are one of the divination methods with a long history, and are a tool that helps predict the unknown future and realize one’s self.

In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of tarot card divination.

Advantages of tarot card fortune-telling

Tarot card divination has various advantages. Below we introduce some of them.

Helps with inner enlightenment

Tarot cards primarily deal with psychological aspects and can help with self-realization. By interpreting the cards and exploring your inner self, you can discover a better self and aid in self-growth.


Can be used as a tool to predict the future

Tarot cards are also used as a tool to predict the future. Interpretation of the cards can give you hints about what is to come and help you become more alert and prepared for the future.

Helps you find answers to your questions

Tarot cards can help you find answers to a variety of questions. You can get advice on a variety of topics, including love, career, health, and family, to help you make difficult decisions.

Disadvantages of tarot card fortune-telling

Of course, tarot card divination also has some disadvantages. Below are some of the main drawbacks:

Subjectivity of interpretation

Tarot card divination involves subjectivity in interpretation. Card interpretations may vary depending on the fortuneteller’s intuition and experience, and their accuracy may be questioned.

Limitations of future predictions

Tarot cards are not a tool to accurately predict the future. Cards provide possibilities and hints, but do not always guarantee accurate results.

Consultation fee

Tarot card fortune-telling may incur costs because it requires consultation from a professional fortune teller. These costs can be burdensome over a long period of time.


Tarot card divination has both advantages and disadvantages. When using it, it is important to make careful judgment considering your own purpose and situation. Tarot cards can provide self-realization and hints about the future, but they are always subjective and can incur costs, so careful use is required.

This concludes a brief introduction to the pros and cons of tarot card divination. I hope that this will be helpful to those who are interested in fortune telling and tarot cards in the future. thank you!

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